Unreal 2004 Custom Level – Hive II

Unreal Level ~ Hive ~
Hive II is a fun little Deathmatch level I created. Inspired by interesting geometric shapes, I ended up making a structure evocative of a helix. It is easy to get turned around on this level which gives it a bit more of a challenge. The metal structure is held by anti-gravity beams and players who are not careful may fall off the platform into the molten pool below. A fun map to play, it really tests your aerial skills jumping from platform to cat walk. This map is designed for 2 to 8 players and can be very intense.

This is a side view of the level from one of the anit-gravity beams. This is even with the main level and widest part of the map. hiveii_center
This is an overall screen shot of the entire level showing the networks of catwalks and platforms. hiveii_full
This is a screen shot of the lower section of the map where a narrow catwalk follows the outer perimeter of the Hive II. You can see the molten ore below, which means instant death for any that fall in. hiveii_lower
Here is a view of the sniper roosts on the top of Hive II. The angles of the catwalks makes hitting your targets difficult. hiveii_sniper

If you are interested in giving this map a try (the only way to really check out a map) please take a moment and read the readme.txt and feel free to download this map. If you would like to contact me regarding this map please feel free to email me.

Here is a look at the whole network of walkways that make up the level.